Success : Whose Life Are We Imitating ?

Hi friends,

Success is a dream of everyone of us on this earth. No matter which direction we are going, we are actually searching for the right path. Unfortunately, the afford is not so easy as it sounds.

Every valuable stuff has its own hurdles and tests. Only those who struggle with sincerity will actually achieve the successful ending i.e. without regret and no harmful or damage done.

There is success in everything. A student will be successful when he/she completed his/her school in perfect score 4.0 flat CGPA. A working staff will be successful if she /she earns great salary, great job position and great happy working environment etc. A business owner will be successful when he/she makes great sales, great revenue, minimum cost spending, skillful and loyal staff etc. What about success for a man, a woman, a husband, a wife, a clerk, people in different continent of this world, different races, people live in a big city, people live in a small town, a villager, fisherman, etc. This list will go on and on and on... However, does any of these measurement of success fair for everyone on this earth ?

There were people who failed doing their things, while others make it to the end. Therefore, clearly such definition of success is not fair to everyone. Thus, what actually is the real success ?.

To be continued ...

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